In any of our new projects, modules and extensions we follow the PSR-1 Basic Coding Standard and PSR-2 Coding Style Guide. However, not all projects we are working on are started from scratch. In general we try to stick to the coding style used around us. Consistency is most important.

PHPStorm Integration

Most of our developers use [PHPStorm]( as their IDE, so we have created the [Meanbee.xml](/assets/php/Meanbee.xml) code style scheme to keep our IDE settings consistent. To use it, place the xml file inside the *config/codestyles* directory under the [PHPStorm home directory]( and enable it in *Preferences > Editor > Code Style*. We also have our PHPStorm configured to run *PHP_CodeSniffer* to highlight any coding style issues. To set it up, you can follow [this tutorial](, which also provides Code Sniffer standards for Magento 1.